I am a Postal History collector. With this site I would like to share on the web the material I have gathered, focusing on the Italian Republic while Italian Lire were used (1945/46 – 2001).

This site contains lists of postal objects, tariffs and stamps which can be useful for Postal History amateurs, Philately enthusiasts and Postmarks Collectors. Surfing among the pages, in fact, readers can find:
– the list of all the official tarifs from 1945 to 2001 for sending the most common postal objects within Italy or abroad, cross-checked and integrated according to several available sources: all this can be found in the Postal Objects menu;
– the complete list of the stamps issued in Italy from 1945 to 2001, including also some services and the postal stationeries: all this in the Frankings menu;
– some in-depth analysis about some Italian Republic Postmarks which, according to my knowledge, are not available on the web yet: machine postmarks with slogan plate, Travelling Post Offices Postmarks and the so-called Fraction Handstamps.

This site was created mainly to keep my objects in order but some parts are opened to other collectors as well, in order to provide to readers a more complete information for some aspects. For the moment I am planning to open my site to external contribution for the pages dedicated to Travelling Post Offices Postmarks, for which I do not have any reference about their use from 1945 to the definitive shutdown of the service at the beginning of 1990’s. All readers are welcome to provide material and all contributions will be duly mentioned.

For other clarifications please refer to FAQ page.

www.gm-storiapostale.it was born in Italian and is currently being translated into English. Some pages, for the moment, are published in the Italian version only: please select the Italian language in the main menu to visit the complete site.



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