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This definitive series was issued on October 1st 1950 ad it was composed of 19 stamps, one for each Italian Region. Nowadays Italy is composed of 20 regions, whereas at that time the two regions of Abruzzi and Molise were still one: they split in 1963. Each region was represented with a typical handcraft job.

All values were initially printed with winged wheel watermark of first type, except for the 100 and 200 lire values, which had second type. First type winged wheel was replaced by third type between 1952 and 1955. These are the 19 stamps:

50 centesimi blueish violet – La Fucina (the forge), Valle d’Aosta,

1 lira grey – l’officina (the garage), Piemonte,

2 lire sepia – il cantiere (the building site), Lombardia,

5 lire grey – il tornio (the lathe), Toscana

6 lire reddish brown – il tombolo (the lace pillow), Abruzzi e Molise

10 lire green – il telaio (the loom), Calabria

12 lire emerald – il timone (the helm), Veneto

15 lire blackish blue – lo scalo (the shipyard), Liguria

20 lire violet – la sciabica (the trawl), Campania

25 lire yellowish brown – le arance (the oranges), Sicilia

30 lire lilac – la vendemmia (the grape harvest), Puglia

35 lire intense reddish pink – le olive (the olives), Basilicata

40 lire brown – il carro a vino (the wine cart), Lazio

50 lire violetto – le greggi (the flock), Sardegna

55 lire dark blue – l’aratro (the plough), Umbria

60 lire red – il raccolto (the harvest), Marche

65 lire dark green – la canapa (the hemp), Emilia Romagna

100 lire rosso bruno – il granoturco (the corn), Friuli Venezia Giulia

200 lire bruno oliva – il legname (the timber), Trentino Alto Adige

Some values of this series were re-issued with stars watermark in 1955:

50 cents blueish violet,
1 lira grey,
2 lire sepia,
15 lire blackish blue,
30 lire lilac,
50 lire violet,
65 lire dark green.

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