The sub-pages of this section are not translated into English: all links bring to pages in Italian.

This part of the site gathers the postal objects of my collection according to the franking stamps. There are three main sub-sections:

Definitive series:
Democratic (Democratica);
Italy at Work (Italia al Lavoro);
Coin of Syracuse (Siracusana, aka Italia Turrita);
– Saint George (San Giorgio);
– Michelangelo’s paintings (Michelangiolesca),
– High values (Alti Valori),
– Italian Castles (Castelli d’Italia),
– Women in Art (Donne nell’Arte),
– Priority Mail (Posta Prioritaria).

Commemorative stamps:
– 1940’s,
– 1950’s,
– 1960’s,
– 1970’s,
– 1980’s,
– 1990’s plus 2000 and 2001.

Service stamps:
– express delivery stamps,
– air mail stamps,
– postage due stamps,
– pneumatic mail stamps,
– authorized delivery.

Some pages are also dedicated to postal stationeries:
– lettersheets,
– postcards,
– air mail lettersheets.