Postal Objects

In this part of the site the objets belonging to my collection are ordered according the type of object and to the specific tariff which was in use. Classification takes into consideration the most common services as well, such as express delivery or registration.

These are the objects:
– basic fare letters sent within Italy or abroad,
– ordinary and priority couriers,
– postcards sent within Italy or abroad,
– printed matters sent within Italy or abroad,
– open envelopes (manuscripts, visiting cards, invitations, invoices),
– acknowledgements of receipt,
– Justice Administration Documents,
– special rates for publishing houses,
– special rates for goods sent through Post Service (and not Parcel Service): no value samples, pharmaceutical samples, small parcels*, vinyl recordings.

Another type of object which was not sent through the mail but which was franked with stamps was the financial penalty, a document produced when a Postal Service employee did not respect specific rules or caused a damage and was consequentially fined.

* small parcels (Pacchetti postali) were different than parcels (pacchi postali) because they could be sent through normal mail with regular stamps instead of being taken in charge by parcel service and being franked with special parcel stamps.

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